fmadm faulty clear

SH Procedural Article for ILOM-Based Diagnosis (Doc ID 1155200.1) To BottomTo Bottom In this Document Purpose Details Section A – Displaying Fault Event Information Section A.1 Using the Fault Management Shell Section A.2 Using the Standard ILOM Command Line Interface Section B – Submitting a Service Request Auto Service Request (ASR) Activated for the ProductSeguir leyendo

4.3BSD Quasijarus0c on an emulated VAX

  source: GUIDES: 4.3BSD on SIMH NetBSD 1.3.2 (vax) on SIMH My starting place was Gunkies Wiki. It’s good. I wanted to change some things, add more explanations, and throw in networking: This should work on a variety of Linux distributions. I tried it on CentOS 6 and Debian 8 and 9. I’ve done it onSeguir leyendo

Running VAX/VMS Under Linux Using SIMH

Phillip Wherry psw-at-wherry-dot-com Revision 1.5 22 January 2004 Copyright 2003-4 Phillip Wherry. Permission to reproduce this document in unaltered form is hereby granted. All other rights reserved. The most recent version of this document can be found at Introduction One of the first minicomputer systems that I worked with extensively was a Digital EquipmentSeguir leyendo

fortinet vpn client IPSEC L2PT shrew client

install arch: yaourt qikec note: yaourt shrew (client gui vpn is not working, so manual mode )   convert psk to base64 for example 12345678 to base64    ->  MTIzNDU2Nzg5MA== b:auth-mutual-psk:MTIzNDU2Nzg5MA==   put configuration file .ike/sites n:version:4 n:network-ike-port:500 n:network-mtu-size:1380 n:client-addr-auto:1 n:network-natt-port:4500 n:network-natt-rate:15 n:network-frag-size:540 n:network-dpd-enable:1 n:network-notify-enable:1 n:client-banner-enable:0 n:client-dns-used:0 b:auth-mutual-psk:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  <– PresharedKey in base64 n:phase1-dhgroup:5 n:phase1-keylen:0Seguir leyendo

Beautiful fonts improve Arch Linux

This is what I do when I install Arch Linux to improve the fonts. You may consider the following settings to improve your fonts for system-wide usage without installing a patched font library packages (eg. Infinality): Install some fonts, for example: sudo pacman -S ttf-dejavu ttf-liberation noto-fonts Enable font presets by creating symbolic links: sudoSeguir leyendo