RaspberryPi as a NVR solution

https://medium.com/@turhan.oz/raspberrypi-shinobi-as-a-nvr-solution-5e4bcca64c32 Install Shinobi Now that our OS is properly configured and that we can access to our device through ssh, let’s install Shinobi. The easiest way is to run the following command on your PI (as defined on the documentation) : $ sudo su$ sh <(curl -s https://gitlab.com/Shinobi-Systems/Shinobi-Installer/raw/master/shinobi-install.sh) The installation will be interactive, as follow : # installSeguir leyendo

add fstab raspberry

blkid # blkid /dev/mmcblk0p1: LABEL=»boot» UUID=»70CI-CB26″ TYPE=»vfat» PARTUUID=»e3cbft8b-01″ /dev/mmcblk0p2: UUID=»f2100b2f-ed84-4647-b5ai-081234512716″ TYPE=»ext4″ PARTUUID=»e3cbfe8b-02″ /dev/sda1: UUID=»ab34fc7c-0f1c-1234-5678-9f9f7065e672″ TYPE=»ext4″ PARTUUID=»6b905dde-01″ /dev/mmcblk0: PTUUID=»e3fdfe4b» PTTYPE=»dos» /dev/sda1 UUID=»ab34fc7c-0f1c-1234-5678-9f9f7065e672″ add /etc/fstab UUID=ab34fc7c-0f1c-1234-5678-9f9f7065e672 /mnt ext4 defaults,noatime,auto 0 0 También ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ Da los UIDs

pyload raspberry

Installing pyLoad on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie All credits for this guide go to eNBeWe. Thanks, mate! In the following I assume that you are running a Raspberry Pi with a recent version of Raspbian. At the point of writing this means you are running some version of Debian Jessie. First we areSeguir leyendo