Text search mongo

db.employees.find({$text: {$search: «Jean Valjean»}}, {score: {$meta: «textScore»}}).sort({score:{$meta:»textScore»}})

Full-Text Search in MongoDB

https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/full-text-search-in-mongodb–cms-24835   MongoDB, one of the leading NoSQL databases, is well known for its fast performance, flexible schema, scalability and great indexing capabilities. At the core of this fast performance lies MongoDB indexes, which support efficient execution of queries by avoiding full-collection scans and hence limiting the number of documents MongoDB searches. Starting from versionSeguir leyendo

How to increase sort buffered data limit?

db.adminCommand({setParameter: 1, internalQueryExecMaxBlockingSortBytes: }) 256GB > db.adminCommand({setParameter: 1, internalQueryExecMaxBlockingSortBytes: 268435456}); { «was» : 33554432, «ok» : 1 } db.employee.find( {$text: { $search : «pedro mario gonzales lopez» } }, { score : { $meta: «textScore» } }) .sort({ score: { $meta : «textScore» } } )

converting database from mysql to mongoDb

http://www.mongovue.com  MongoVUE is an innovative MongoDB desktop application for Windows OS that gives you an elegant and highly usable GUI interface to work with MongoDB. Now there is one less worry in managing your web-scale data.     is there any easy way to change the database from mysql to mongoDB ? Method #1: exportSeguir leyendo