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How To, Solaris, ZFS matthew.mattoon September 23, 2013 In Solaris 11.1 Oracle decided to change the way that they stored filesystem share information.  I personally loved the change, but that was without understanding what the change really was.  For more information on how to enable NFS exports see my previous article here. Setup Our EnvironmentSeguir leyendo

ltfsck solaris

ltfsck /opt/SUNWltfs/bin/ltfsck -f /dev/rmt/1 –backend=ltotape LTFS16000I ltfsck starting, LTFS version 1.2.6 (20130711_orcl), log level 2 LTFS20013I Drive type is IBM LTO7, serial number is 10WT026083 LTFS17160I Maximum device block size is 524288 LTFS12015I Attempting to load the medium LTFS16014I Checking LTFS file system on ‘/dev/rmt/1’ LTFS12015I Attempting to load the medium LTFS16023I LTFS volume information:Seguir leyendo

change dns solaris

svccfg -s network/dns/client listprop config svccfg -s network/dns/client setprop config/nameserver = net_address: “(” svccfg -s network/dns/client listprop config svcadm refresh dns/client

SPARC: How to Boot From an Alternate Operating System or Boot Environment

Assume the root role.See How to Use Your Assigned Administrative Rights in Oracle Solaris 11.1 Administration: Security Services. Bring the system to the ok PROM prompt. # init 0 (Optional) Display a list of available boot environments by using the boot command with the -L option. To boot a specified entry, type the number of the entry and press Return: Select environment to boot: [1 –Seguir leyendo

Reaching the ok Prompt

Reaching the ok Prompt There are several ways to reach the ok prompt, depending on the state of the system and the means by which you are accessing the system console. In decreasing order of desirability, the list is as follows:   Note – To reach the ok prompt after a shutdown or reset of the server module, the auto-boot? option must be setSeguir leyendo

Sending and Receiving ZFS Data   Sending and Receiving ZFS Data The zfs send command creates a stream representation of a snapshot that is written to standard output. By default, a full stream is generated. You can redirect the output to a file or to a different system. The zfs receive command creates a snapshot whose contents are specifiedSeguir leyendo

mtx variable

Q: I’m tired of typing ‘-f /dev/sgc’ all the time. How do I set a default device that ‘mtx’ looks at? A: Set the CHANGER environment variable. For example, with ‘bash’: export CHANGER=/dev/sgc    

Overwriting or erasing a file LTFS

short: the capacity of a used tape can be increased only by reformatting the tape medium.   This topic describes methods the IBM Spectrum Archive™ uses to modify data as if it were overwritten or erased. LTFS does not overwrite data recorded on a tape medium, even if a file in the tape medium appearsSeguir leyendo

ltfs oracle

Create ltfs tape /opt/SUNWltfs/bin/mkltfs -d /dev/rmt/2 -e ltotape Mount ltfs # mkdir /mnt/lfts #/opt/SUNWltfs/bin/ltfs -o devname=/dev/rmt/2 -o tape_backend=ltotape /mnt/ltfs Edit files, then unmount the file system when done. # umount /ltfs OR Daemonize ltfs: /opt/SUNWltfs/bin/ltfs -o devname=/dev/rmt/2 -o tape_backend=ltotape /mnt/ltfs -o daemonize -o logfile=/log Edit files, then unmount the file system when done. # umountSeguir leyendo