iotop solaris 11

Works only in Global Zone ./iotop -C -D -j -o -P -Z


echo «::memstat» | mdb -k Page Summary Pages Bytes %Tot —————————- —————- —————- —- Kernel 2356318 17.9G 8% Defdump prealloc 375179 2.8G 1% ZFS 602721 4.5G 2% Anon 5160416 39.3G 18% Exec and libs 7942 62.0M 0% Page cache 19943103 152.1G 69% Free (cachelist) 82585 645.1M 0% Free (freelist) 569720 4.3G 2% Total 29097984 222GSeguir leyendo

A beginners guide to Solaris Multipathing Software (MPxIO or STMS)

Oracle Solaris Storage Multipathing MPxIO provides multipath access to storage luns by grouping together the physical paths and presenting a single logical path. MPxIO can also be referred as STMS or SCSI_VHCI due to the commands used and logical device paths created. Configuration files For Solaris 10 and earlier /kernel/drv/fp.conf Fiber channel port configuration file (For Fiber Channel Devices)Seguir leyendo

How to configure link aggregation in Solaris 11

Link aggregation is logical grouping of multiple physical interfaces to get :1. Increased Bandwidth2. Automatic failover/failback and redundancy3. load balancing Pre-Requisites for aggregation There are 2 major requirements to configure a link aggregation :1. All the interfaces in an aggregation must run at same speed and in full-duplex mode.2. All the interfaces must have anSeguir leyendo

boot solaris 10 x86 qemu-w64-setup-20180430.exe