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iSCSI Security with CHAP

Posted on June 28, 2007 source: The first line of defense in iSCSI deployments is to properly define and bind targets to a target portal group (TPG) via a tag on the target (TPGT). ACL’s then provide yet more security by not only restricting how you get to the target, but which initiators areSeguir leyendo

Solaris 10 password with no numeric or special characters.

This is not the best for security, but if you must……  # passwd userNew Password: simplepasswd: The password must contain at least 1 numeric or special character(s). Modify /etc/default/passwd and uncomment MINSPECIAL and set to 0: # vi /etc/default/passwd    #MINDIFF=3   #MINALPHA=2   #MINNONALPHA=1   #MINUPPER=0   #MINLOWER=0   #MAXREPEATS=0   MINSPECIAL=0   #MINDIGIT=0   #WHITESPACE=YES # passwd userNew Password: simpleRe-enter new Password: simplepasswd: password successfully changed forSeguir leyendo

Understanding Oracle Solaris Constraint Packages install the solaris-11.3 constraint pacakge, that will ensure that you stay on the 11.3 release train and not move to the 11.4 train without explict action. # pkg install pkg:/release/constraint/solaris-11.3 For more information see