13 Tips to Optimize Your Mac After Yosemite Installation [UPDATED]

http://www.hightechdad.com/2014/10/23/13-tips-optimize-mac-yosemite-installation/ 13 Tips to Optimize Your Mac After Yosemite Installation [UPDATED] In Apple, Fix It, General, Hardware, How To, HTD Tech Tip, Technology by Michael SheehanOctober 23, 201478 As most of us know, Apple’s latest operating system Yosemite (10.10), a free upgrade from Apple, is now available. And with it come a lot of niceSeguir leyendo

Add sshd port macsox mavericks

Edit: #vi /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ssh.plist Add:                  <key>Alternate Listeners</key>             <dict>                     <key>SockServiceName</key>                     <string>2222</string>             </dict> To: <key>Sockets</key>         <dict>                 <key>Listeners</key>                 <dict>                         <key>SockServiceName</key>                         <string>ssh</string>                         <key>Bonjour</key>                         <array>                                 <string>ssh</string>                                 <string>sftp-ssh</string>                         </array>                 </dict>                  <key>Alternate Listeners</key>             <dict>                     <key>SockServiceName</key>                     <string>2222</string>             </dict>         </dict> Unload and loadSeguir leyendo

Remotely Sleep a Mac with SSH

Comando: pmset sleepnow Use Terminal and SSH to the target Mac, be sure to specify the appropriate user name and IP address: ssh username@ Once logged in, type the following command: osascript -e ‘tell application “System Events” to sleep’ There is no warning or hesitation, the target Mac immediately goes to sleep and the SSHSeguir leyendo

Enabling FTP on with Mountain Lion

Enabling FTP on with Mountain Lion If you have Lion or Mountain Lion, you may mention that FTP option is gone from Sharing options. No worries, FTP server is still there, even if it is a regular installation and not Server one. No enable FTP server, run from Terminal.app sudo -s launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plistSeguir leyendo

Nfs operation not permited

NFS operation not permitted Symptom: When trying to mount NFS on a Mac OS X client, find “operation not permitted” in /var/log/system.log. Explanation: It turns out the the Darwin default is to assume the NFS will take place on an insecure port, i.e. >1024. Solution 1: The suggested solution is to add “insecure” to theSeguir leyendo

Increase the XBMC Buffer Cache:

The cachemembuffersize in XBMC is the amount of bytes of memory used for buffering ahead in videos. They do warn, however, that XBMC will consume three times the amount of RAM than what is specified for this setting. So the default 5242880 bytes (= 5MB) is on the low side to ensure they don’t stress outSeguir leyendo