Upgrade Kernel on Centos7 via ELRepo

Install the ELRepo and GPG key rpm –import https://www.elrepo.org/RPM-GPG-KEY-elrepo.org yum install -y http://www.elrepo.org/elrepo-release-7.0-2.el7.elrepo.noarch.rpm Enable kernel updates from elrepo yum-config-manager –enable elrepo-kernel Remove old kernel stuff yum remove -y kernel-{devel,tools,tools-libs} Install the ELRepo built kernel and grub2-tools yum install -y kernel-ml kernel-ml-{devel,tools,tools-libs} grub2-tools We ensure these exist on the off chance they were removed during theSeguir leyendo

Find the UUID of a filesystem and add to fstab

use blkid sudo blkid /dev/sda2: LABEL=”NTFSDISK” UUID=”8C14553212372BD7″ TYPE=”ntfs” PARTLABEL=”Basic data partition” PARTUUID=”6120d102-a321-2dg3-a3c2-abc3b31313a3″ /dev/sda1: UUID=”727cac18-044b-4504-87f1-a5aefa774bda” TYPE=”ext3″ /dev/sdb: UUID=”467c4aa9-963d-4467-8cd0-d58caaacaff4″ TYPE=”ext3″ Find UUID and add to fstab # # /etc/fstab # Created by anaconda on Fri Feb 2 13:55:13 2018 # # Accessible filesystems, by reference, are maintained under ‘/dev/disk’ # See man pages fstab(5), findfs(8), mount(8) and/orSeguir leyendo

fail2ban Centos 7 with firewalld

How to install Fail2Ban on CentOS 7 On this page Installing Fail2Ban Configure settings for Fail2Ban Add a jail file to protect SSH. Running Fail2Ban service Tracking Failed login entries Checking the banned IPs by Fail2Ban Check the Fal2Ban Status Unbanning an IP address Most Linux servers offer an SSH login via Port 22 forSeguir leyendo

firewalld centos 7 firewall

firewall-cmd –get-default-zone firewall-cmd –get-services sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-service=http sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-service=https sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-service=samba sudo firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-port=3838/tcp sudo firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-port=8787/tcp sudo firewall-cmd –reload

add self certificate CHROME linux

“Private key is missing or invalid when importing a certificate” in Google Chrome You may be trying to do is add it to the wrong certificate store. If you’re attempting to add it under “Your Certificates”, you’re gonna have a bad time. That tab is for adding identity certificates; what your browser offers to theSeguir leyendo

install chrome centos 7 / rhel 7

Google Chrome is the freeware web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit fork blink engine. As of July Google Chrome is the most widely used browser having, it shares around 45% worldwide browser usage. Google Chrome has the inbuilt translate faculty for translation of over 52 languages. Google Chrome has the option toSeguir leyendo