Beautiful fonts improve Arch Linux

This is what I do when I install Arch Linux to improve the fonts. You may consider the following settings to improve your fonts for system-wide usage without installing a patched font library packages (eg. Infinality): Install some fonts, for example: sudo pacman -S ttf-dejavu ttf-liberation noto-fonts Enable font presets by creating symbolic links: sudoSeguir leyendo

Bitacora install arch

Set up WIFI ifconfig wifi-menu iwconfig ip link set wlp0s20u3 up iwlist wlp0s20u3 scan ifconfig -a passwd root systemctl start sshd   To modify the layout, append a corresponding file name to loadkeys(1), omitting path and file extension. For example, to set a Latin keyboard layout: # loadkeys la-latin1 WIFI ENABLED 1ST: 2d anSeguir leyendo