PacketFence Free and Open Source NAC PacketFence is a fully supported, trusted, Free and Open Source network access control (NAC) solution. Boasting an impressive feature set including a captive-portal for registration and remediation, centralized wired and wireless management, powerful BYOD management options, 802.1X support, layer-2 isolation of problematic devices; PacketFence can be used to effectively secure networks small to very largeSeguir leyendo

A beginners guide to Solaris Multipathing Software (MPxIO or STMS)

Oracle Solaris Storage Multipathing MPxIO provides multipath access to storage luns by grouping together the physical paths and presenting a single logical path. MPxIO can also be referred as STMS or SCSI_VHCI due to the commands used and logical device paths created. Configuration files For Solaris 10 and earlier /kernel/drv/fp.conf Fiber channel port configuration file (For Fiber Channel Devices)Seguir leyendo

How to configure link aggregation in Solaris 11

Link aggregation is logical grouping of multiple physical interfaces to get :1. Increased Bandwidth2. Automatic failover/failback and redundancy3. load balancing Pre-Requisites for aggregation There are 2 major requirements to configure a link aggregation :1. All the interfaces in an aggregation must run at same speed and in full-duplex mode.2. All the interfaces must have anSeguir leyendo

iotop tool.

33 If you want to monitor the disk read and write speed real-time you can use the iotop tool. This is useful to get exact information about how a disk performs for a particular application or task. The output will show you read/write speed per process, and total read/write speed for the server, much similar to top. ToSeguir leyendo

boot solaris 10 x86 qemu-w64-setup-20180430.exe

How To Install VirtualBox on CentOS 7

VirtualBox is an open source cross-platform virtualization software which allows you to run multiple guest operating systems (virtual machines) simultaneously. In this tutorial we will show you how to install VirtualBox from the Oracle repositories on CentOS 7 systems. Prerequisites Before continuing with this tutorial, make sure you are logged in as a user withSeguir leyendo