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hot-add CPU and memory to Ubuntu guest in VMware

Virtualization has made our lives easier. We can spin up new resources for applications, dynamically add more disk space, migrate them, etc. In vSphere, we can dynamically add additional memory and vCPU to a guest VM without any downtime (assuming its been enabled prior to powering on). Now in Ubuntu 12.04, I had two production… Leer más »

How can I monitor the number of users logged in to Windows? PRTG This article applies to PRTG Network Monitor 16.2.23 or later Monitoring the Number of Logged in Windows Users The Windows Logged In Users sensor is one of the sensor types that we remove in context of the The PRTG Sensor Cleanup. You could use this sensor to monitor the number of users logged in to a Windows… Leer más »


Eachine EX4 5G WIFI

Categoría: Sin categoría Etiquetas: It’s ages since I made an entry in the Blog, so I’m adding a little one (and 7 pics!) to remind you that it exists. Another, more important entry, is currently in preparation, describing the marvellous success of our Official Inauguration on the 13th June. (Frantic catching-up on other things, on the parts of… Leer más »

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