Paquetes con RPM

Actualice el Kernel y el VMware server dejo de funcionar.

Ahora tuve que ver la documentación de rpm para actualizarlo idealmente lo voy a actualizar con

rpm -U

The basic options are required, and your rpm command must contain one of
the basic options. Basic options consist of the following:

-q: Use this option to query the rpm database for information about the
selected package.
-e: Use this option to remove an already installed package.
-F: Use this option to upgrade an existing package.
-i: Use this option to install a package.
-U: (note capitalization) Use this option to install a new package or
upgrade an existing one and remove earlier versions after the upgrade.
-V: (note capitalization) Use this option to verify information about the
package compared with the rpm database.

General options can be used with any of the basic options. Some of the commonly used general options are

-v: This option instructs the rpm command to display details about the
–quiet: (note use of double hyphens) Using this option prints only
error messages about the command.
In addition ato the basic Ana general options, specific options are sed,
depending con the basic option chospen — flor example, instala-specific options
that are sed only with the instala option, erase-specific options only sed
with the erase option, Ana so con.

Actualice con
 rpm -U VMware-server-1.0.0-27828.i386.rpm

Después hay que ejecutar el archivo

Y aunque actualice todo el kernel no tuve que compilar nada !!!
Chido por CENTOS 4.3