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change ip static ubuntu 17

he package ifupdown and so /etc/network/interfaces are no longer used. Ubuntu 17.10 Server uses the package netplan instead, which configures systemd-networkd. Make sure you use the default content for the config file /etc/network/interfaces # /etc/network/interfaces — configuration file for ifup(8), ifdown(8) # Generated by debian-installer. # The loopback interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback… Leer más »

bandwith meter linux monitor network

Package: sysstat (11.0.1-1)Links for sysstat   Download Source Package sysstat: [sysstat_11.0.1-1.dsc] Maintainer: Robert Luberda (QA Page) External Resources: Homepage [] Similar packages: saidar collectd-core procmeter3 atop system performance tools for Linux The sysstat package contains the following system performance tools: – sar: collects and reports system activity information; – iostat: reports CPU utilization and disk I/O… Leer más »

Ver paquetes instalados en un entorno virtual

Ver paquetes instalados en un entorno virtual Se pueden ver los paquetes instalados en un entorno virtual mediante el siguiente comando: pip freeze Mostrará la lista de paquetes, tales como: Django==1.5 MySQL-python==1.2.4 argparse==1.2.1 distribute==0.6.36 django-debug-toolbar==0.9.4 ipython==0.13.1 lxml==3.1.1 pygeoip==0.2.6 requests==1.2.0 wsgiref==0.1.2 Podemos volcar ese contenido en un archivo de requisitos: pip freeze > requirements Y usar… Leer más »


SELECT count(*) FROM pg_stat_activity;   SELECT usesysid, usename,state FROM pg_stat_activity;    

ssh session slow to start ( its dns )

Liraz Siri – Mon, 2010/03/08 – 14:10 – 14 comments | Latest by Ryan Ever tried logging into a machine with ssh and found you have to wait much longer than reasonable for the session to start? This happened to me a few times and was especially annoying with machines on my local network (or… Leer más »

Jobs – Move Running Process to Background & Nohup

(method 1) ALREADY RUNNING PROCESS INTO BACKGROUND Pro:   Puts running process into background Con:  If you quit out of the shell window the process stops   Reference:   1. Ctrl-z 2. jobs or alternate method which lists the PID (note the PID is not the jobnum, the job number is shell specific to… Leer más » office   Vea, edite y cree documentos Office en cualquier parte Más de 550 millones de usuarios de Android Más de 875,000 revisiones de Google Play Totalmente compatible con Microsoft Office® y Google Docs No se necesita suscripción: ¡100% GRATIS!