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Respaldo ZFS montar en zona global una zona

cfgadm -al devfsadm -cV echo | format IMPORTAR POOL zpool import zrespaldo zfs list -o name,zoned,mountpoint Cambiarle a zoned=off ( para montar en zona global) zfs set zoned=off zrespaldo/respaldoDB Cambiar y verificar parametros zfs set mountpoint=/respaldoDB zrespaldo/respaldoDB zfs get mountpoint zrespaldo/respaldoDB zfs get mounted zrespaldo/respaldoDB #MONTAR UNIDAD zfs mount zrespaldo/respaldoDB

Refrescar DNS solaris

svccfg -s network/dns/client setprop config/nameserver = net_address: “(” svccfg -s network/dns/client listprop config svcadm refresh dns/client cat /etc/resolv.conf


SELECT count(*) FROM pg_stat_activity;   SELECT usesysid, usename,state FROM pg_stat_activity;    

EMC DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash

EMC DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash EMC DSSD D5 Rack Scale Flash Appliance for ultra high-performing storage requirements EMC DSSD D5 thumbnail view EMC DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash EMC DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash EMC DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash Give high-performance applications and real-time analytics what they need with EMC DSSD D5. DSSD D5 introduces rack-scale flash,… Leer más »

Oracle VM server 3.4

Creating Default Services The following virtual device services must be created to use the control domain as a service domain and to create virtual devices for other domains: vcc – Virtual console concentrator service vds – Virtual disk server vsw – Virtual switch service How to Create Default Services Create a virtual console concentrator (vcc)… Leer más »

Fast ZFS Send with Netcat

The general way to send ZFS data sets to remote nodes is normally achieved by sending the ZFS stream through ssh. Example: zfs send  zones/UUID@snapshot  | ssh root@ zfs recv zones/UUID The down side with this method is that ssh encryption is slow and has significant cpu overhead. You may find yourself in situations where… Leer más »

Moving Oracle Solaris 11 Zones between physical servers comandos útiles de zfs para snapshots: By Amir Javanshir-Oracle on Jun 18, 2013 As part of my job in the ISV Engineering team, I am often asked by partners the following question : is it possible to easily move a Solaris 11 Zone from a physical server to another? The short answer is… Leer más »