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hba force npiv                         Example 16 Reinitializing the Link of an FC Port The following command forces the link connected with the port 200000144fc2d508 to reinitialize. # fcadm force-lip 200000144fc2d508 el force-lip

5 Tuning Java Virtual Machines (JVMs)  

Managing Default System Locale

The default system locale is the locale in which the system will boot and run. In earlier releases of Oracle Solaris, the default system locale was configured in the /etc/default/init file. You can use the nlsadm command with the get-system-locale, list-locale, and set-system-locale subcommands. For more information, see the nlsadm(1M) man page. To display the… Leer más »

postfix remove headers with MailScanner

I use postfix with MailScanner and that’s why I cannot use: /^Received:/ IGNORE in my header_checks file, because i use: /^Received:/ HOLD (see ) But it’s no problem, because it’s possible to remove mail headers also with MailScanner. Example: ======== You want to remove information about your LAN structure from mail headers sent from… Leer más »

How to connect to iSCSI target using Solaris 10?

# iscsiadm add discovery-address # iscsiadm modify discovery –sendtargets enable # devfsadm -i iscsi then after putting “format” command we were able to format iSCSI target – See more at: